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Religious Hate Crime

Religious Hate Crime includes crime motivated by prejudice based on religion or faith.

In Glasgow the focus has tended to be on inter-Christian conflict between Catholics and Protestants. Sectarian conflicts also happen within other religions, for example between different Muslim sects. These would all be classified as religious hate crime.

In addition, attacks based on prejudice against other religions, for example Muslims, Seikhs, Hindus or Jews, would also be considered religious Hate Crime.

Religious and racist Hate Crime are often intertwined and it can be difficult to work out if a perpetrators motive is based on one or the other or both. Hate Crime laws state that if there is evidence of more than one form of prejudice, they should all be recorded and investigated.

Organisations that can support specifically with religiously motivated hate crime include Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, helpline 0800 801 0301 and Nil By Mouth for Sectarian motivated hate crimes.